Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Littlest Gay

As a Lady Gaga impersonator, I get many many bookings for kids parties. This surprised me at first, because Gaga's music has some very adult content, and her concerts are far from family friendly.
Often a Mom calls me and tells me that her four year old knows every word to Poker Face, and me showing up will "make her life."
Typically at these gigs, the kids really believe I am Lady Gaga. 
I end up signing illegible autographs on i phones, arms and even on dresses, all while feeling a little bad that i'm ruining stuff with permanent marker. 
Most of the kids are really adorable. They'll hug me and tell me all about how they love my albums and saw me in concert. We chat about boys, school and even fashion. They ask if they can feel my hair, and stroke my long blonde wigs with wonder. I love being Lady Gaga for those well behaved cuties.  

When I sift through my years of kids party memories, there is one that really stands out from the rest.
I had been booked for a little girls 6th birthday and just finished my performance. 
As I walked around the room to take photos with the guests, I noticed a little boy who looked about four years old. His eyes kept following my every move and whenever I turned around, he would be right behind me, staring up adoringly.
I knelt down to his eye level to say hello and he put his little hand in my hair, and said the last thing I ever expected to come out of his mouth...... "FIERCE!"

I had all I could do not to double over laughing. I thanked him and asked what his name was. 
He told me his name was Henry and that he knew that my favorite designer was Alexander McQueen and that he liked Alexander McQueen too. He also told me he knew all the words to Bad Romance, and liked my dress with the bubbles. 
We kept talking, and Henry asked if he could check out all of my rings, accessories and even try on my hat. This little boy was truly like an adult gay man in a four year olds body. His super straight laced Dad came over after a few minutes and we took a few photos with the little guy sitting in my lap, wearing my huge hat.

As I got up to say goodbye to Henry, he hugged me and with a giant smile said, "Lady Gaga-will you sing my favorite song with me?" I asked him what song that was, and he said "Born This Way" while striking a pose with his hands on his hips.

I knelt back down to his level and started to sing the chorus to him. "You're beautiful in your way cuz God makes no mistakes, you're on the right track baby you were born this way. Don't hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and your set. You're on the right track, Henry you were born this way." As I finished he jumped up and down excitedly and gave a little applause.

From that moment on, every time I hear or sing Born This Way, I think of Henry. 

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